Content Marketing Steps for Effective Lead Generation

Most marketers have discovered the power of content marketing in the form of high ROI and a several-fold increase in lead generation. Content marketing is emerging to become more crucial for generating leads compared to traditional marketing and it can help your business immensely. Let’s check out how content marketing can support your lead-generation efforts.

1. Know your audience

Any successful marketing strategy starts with audience research and it’s the same for content marketing. When you don’t know your audience, you won’t be able to align your marketing efforts with their needs and wants and that will lead to fewer or lower quality leads. That’s why you need to use your social media analytics page to learn about the demographics of your audience and conduct surveys to learn about their preferences and priorities. This wealth of data can help you build the ideal customer profile and design your content marketing strategy around it.

2. Use content upgrades

A content upgrade may come in the form of signup offers, signup incentives, discount codes, freebies, special deals, and more. Think of it as a bribe that you offer to your customers for their contact details. Content upgrades should be valuable enough for potential customers to willingly provide their email or contact number. 

For instance, if your audience is mostly comprised of small businesses who are trying to expand their online presence, offer them a free and comprehensive guide on SEO optimization. This is a powerful lead magnet that can motivate users to generate high-quality leads. After you collect a list, filter out unwanted leads and tag them according to their profile. This strategy doesn’t just help you generate leads but establishes you as an authority figure in the industry and increases audience trust. 

3. Develop a solid distribution strategy

Everyone knows that content is king. However, if your well-researched and informative content doesn’t reach the right audience, the resources you put into creating good content get wasted. Services like Zest and PR Newswire publish your content on tens of thousands of partner sites for a fee and can provide you with the valuable exposure you need as a small business.

Include content calendars in your distribution strategy and make sure that your content reaches the right people on the right platform. You also need to choose the right content for the right channel. For instance, bite-sized works are great for LinkedIn and Twitter while long-form content is more appropriate for Facebook.

4. Diversify content sources

You have the best team of content writers and have brought them under your wing after thorough vetting. They should write most of the content you publish. However, you shouldn’t solely rely on them. Sometimes, you need to call in industry experts to write guest posts for you. They have wide knowledge and experience on certain subjects and can deliver insightful and valuable content that adds credibility and authority.

You can also conduct surveys to know customer problems and address them directly with your content. This helps you generate and work on new content ideas that are guaranteed to attract a lot of traffic and convert them into leads.

Your content marketing strategy should always have your target audience at its core. That allows you to churn out incredible content that delivers perfect leads for your brand and helps you maintain a high ROI.   


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