5 Ways AI Can Help You Improve SEO

While the modern AI revolution started in 2012, it exploded in popularity after Open AI went public with ChatGPT. Apart from generating images and crafting stories, AI can also help you immensely with SEO efforts. Here’s how you can improve your workflow and make it more efficient with AI.

1.  Create content with AI

Content Creation is a complicated process that involves different perspectives. One writer may think of a topic that’s relevant to an industry or subject. However, the search engine may identify that users are interested in other types of content. You can bridge these gaps and make content creation more effective with AI. AI tools can help you scour the internet for trending topics and the type of posts most people are looking for. AI helps you churn out personalized content that delivers tailored solutions to user problems.

2.  Keyword Research

While the search engine may not penalize you for plagiarized content written from ChatGPT, you could end up in legal trouble. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use ChatGPT or Bard for keyword research. For instance, you can simply prompt for “show me related keywords to ‘target keywords’” and the AI will pop out a long list of semantic keywords and relevant terms.

There are also dedicated AI tools that can help you generate relevant and low-difficulty keywords after analyzing your entire website and the backlinks. However, it’s important to not blindly rely on these tools and verify the results on Google Keyword Planner and other reputable keyword research tools from Semrush and Ahrefs. Think of these AI tools as assistants that help you cut down on research time.

3.  Backlink strategy

AI can also help you improve your backlink strategy and create more positive signals for the search engine algorithm. It starts with identifying and analyzing domains that link back to your site with tools like Moz, Ahrefs, and Semrush. Once you find all the spammy and toxic links, use AI tools like Hunter.io or Buzzstream to identify link-building opportunities. This helps you build a more effective link-building strategy for better outreach.

4.  Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization is nothing short of an art form. Over-optimize it and the search engine would get confused while users would get a poor experience. Use too few keywords and your page won’t be pushed to your target users. That’s where AI can help. As you write the content while integrating high-performing keywords naturally,

I tools like Narrato.io can highlight the keywords and notify you when the proper keyword density is reached. AI tools help you save time by not having to write the entire content and then making multiple adjustments using a keyword density checker.

5.  Generate amazing titles

Most writers spend a lot of time coming up with catchy and easy-to-understand titles that help with SEO. However, when you write on the same industry and similar topics over and over, coming up with unique and click-worthy titles can be difficult. That’s where ChatGPT and other AI tools can help. For instance, I prompted for a few title suggestions that are related to “AI and SEO” for writing this post and it gave me 10 options. You can get inspiration from those suggestions or use one of them directly.

AI tools are emerging as indispensable tools that help us in everyday life. You can use them for better SEO results within a short time. However, it’s important to remember that this new technology may not be accurate all the time. Verify your findings and don’t put your blind trust in these tools.    


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