Tips and Tricks For Keyword Research In 2022: What New Bloggers Should Know?

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Are you a new blogger in a constant dilemma about how to attract traffic for your posts? Well. Keyword research is not rocket science or that complicated if you know how to streamline the process. Most beginners struggle while looking for ways to rev up the search traffic and a major reason for this is their unwillingness to conduct keyword research. Writing blog posts without doing proper keyword research may mean a sheer wastage of time. So, get on track with the right approach. It is not as nightmarish as you think. All you need is to look for legitimate ways to pull up the site traffic.

When you get down to researching keywords, start with idea generation. Besides, you need to prioritize the keyword to check the order of implementation. You need to break the research process into several steps and make the process easier.

1. Brainstorm keyword ideas

You need to come up with relevant keywords that are specifically targeted to your industry or niche. While looking for ways to drive visitors to your web page, you need to know which keywords resonate with organic traffic.

2. Evaluate keywords

Once you prepare the list of keywords for the upcoming posts, you need to evaluate them to analyze the level of competition. If you are a newcomer, try to target keywords with less competition.

3. Create a list of basic keywords

How easily or simply can you define your business? Try to find words for which you can rank. Once you get a hang of the simplest terms that define your business, it will kick start the process of developing more ideas. Try to come up with a few basic keywords and generate a hundred more for help.

Wondering how to find these basic keywords? Look for words and phrases that describe the products and services related to the business and get a list of relevant keywords to begin with the optimization process.

4. Choose SEO tools

Is keyword research available for free? The answer is yes. There is a wide range of SEO tools available in the market; you need to pick the free options. Look for research tools with a different focus to access various research methods. A few of these tools are Google ads keyword planner, Ubersuggest, Google Trends, SEM Rush, Rank Tracker, and Google Search Console.

5. Create a keyword list and filter the data

Once you get the keyword list, start researching them in depth and finally filter the data. Not all of them may be a good match for your business, so you need to refine the list of raw words and phrases to ease the manual work at a later stage. For instance, you need to define the filtering parameters, set the keyword length, determine the search traffic, and rate the difficulty.

6. Segment the keywords

Segmenting the keywords makes the keyword searching process more organized. Once you have the final selection of keywords, you need to prioritize them based on search volume and competition.

7. Checking the competitor sites

One of the quickest ways to find high-performing keywords is through competitor analysis. Get a list of about 10 or more industry blogs to get topic and keyword ideas.

Keyword research may seem complicated because there are various aspects that you need to consider.  So, a snapshot of the procedure may help.

  • If you want to reach the masses, you need to know what they search for and decide on the topic.
  • Research on the internet to find out if people are searching for that topic.
  • Gauge the competitiveness of the search engine results
  • You need to focus on a topic and subtopic to determine what holds interest to the people.

As a new blogger, you can write posts and promote them on social media. But before that, you need to conduct keyword research and expect traffic to arrive spontaneously. So, follow the process mentioned above and thank us later!


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