5 Measurable Ways to Write SEO-Friendly Blog Posts

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Writing blogs requires language skills. Plus your readers need to feel interested in the structure of the content and make it look interesting. Overall, people need to understand and feel interested to read it entirely and not just in parts. But, the real challenge is optimizing the content to suit the norms of the search engines and that is when you need the best SEO strategy.

Writing blogs for search engines and human readers is a skill you need to hone and become an expert with time. But practice works wonders. Here are some steps to follow to make your blog posts website-friendly.

  1. Make your post structured
  2. The blog post you create needs to have a definite structure. Therefore, you need to begin with an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. What it may mean is that you need to write the post in three different segments. A structured post is not only SEO-friendly but not readable.

  3. Create a long-tail keyword based on the main keyword
  4. It is not only finding a good topic that matters when making the blog post friendly. SEO here needs to be helpful. You need to hold onto a topic and do your basic keyword research. Once you know what the main keyword is, you can use it to create a long-tail keyword. Chances are that you will get different variations of the same keyword. If you come across a post of a similar type, find out what it ranks for. If you are searching for an SEO strategy 2023 that still matters and will continue to remain one of the key elements of writing a blog post.

  5. Create headings and paragraphs
  6. Have you been writing blog posts for a long time? Instead of starting a sentence in a new line every time, why don’t you create paragraphs and headings? However, do not just segment the article but make it meaningful with proper subheadings and offering explanations that provide good information to readers. The aim should be to create a summary of the topic. However, if a subhead requires more explanation, you can go further and write the article in bullet points. The higher the divisions the better it is to create some genuinely interesting points in the blog post.

  7. Adding videos and images
  8. Whether you are a beginner or have been writing for a pretty long time, adding videos and images is one of the trends you need to follow to improve organic SEO. Google prefers images as it makes the posts more relevant and easier to read. A post with multiple images and videos attracts traffic from visitors. The readers find them easier to identify. Search engines find images more descriptive rather than the plain descriptions you provide. Make sure the post creates a great user experience for the readers. The images are self-descriptive, so you need to include them to optimize the posts.

  9. Create a good title
  10. What s the significance of a good title? It initiates interest among the readers and tells them what it covers. So, create the title first and then structure the article into three segments. What are the elements of a good title? Read the informative posts available at Business Trendz and discover more ideas. The title should have specific characters; it needs to include that target keyword and needs to describe the topic of the content adequately.

Check the SEO trends of 2023 when writing SEO-friendly blog posts. Don’t think that SEO is complicated. Just think about what works and what doesn’t to make your post as interesting as ever.


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