5 Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Not Stay In 2023

social media marketing trends

Marketing is essentially an evolving trend, so you need to play your cards right. Come 2023 and you need to switch to new tenets of social media marketing. The basic reason is that strategies used for years no longer impact the audience and tend to fall out. Just like other channels and platforms, social media planning for a business aims to reach the audience first and then sell them through advertising. If you miss this framework, your social media efforts may go to waste.

Here are the social media trends you need to discard in 2023

  1. Clear the community myth
  2. No one can deny community building when it comes to social media marketing. But the hitch is that most marketers do not dig deep and misunderstand the idea of building a community on social media. What most marketers envisage about community is getting hundreds of followers flocking to their brand for that one special content that is slated to change things. But in reality, you need to unravel the value of your brand appropriately. That way there is a higher chance of your community choosing your brand.

  3. Changing Instagram aesthetics
  4. Have you gone through Instagram lately? If your answer is yes, you are bound to come across the changing aesthetics. So the social media trends 2023 are likely to let go of photographs with heavy filters. Influencers, brands, and everyday users, all are moving towards unedited photos. The reason may be that users are feeling bored with the artificial aesthetics and are now keen to value the authentic look. No wonder social media enthusiasts are keener to use Tik Tok which has more raw content compared to Instagram. So, what is going to be your take in 2023?

  5. Say goodbye to audio chat rooms
  6. Among the marketing, trends to stay behind in 2023 are the audio chat rooms that soared in popularity at the beginning of the pandemic. Several people used audio chat rooms like Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse for virtual connection during the pandemic. As you fast forward to the coming year, it is estimated that about 30% of marketers have already stopped investing in audio chat rooms in 2023. The downside of the audio chat room is that people use it to speak to people instead of brands. Only a meager 6%-7% of today’s customers prefer using audio chat rooms.

  7. No more flashy tactics
  8. It’s time you learn to value marketing strategies and leave behind those gregarious tactics. Hacks will not help scale your business in social media. Go back to what you set up as business goals and find out how to achieve them cost-effectively. Besides, you need to assess how much of your time and effort needs to go towards specific activities. That way, you will peek a boo into the results that they are likely to yield results. The flashy ideas tend to go out of date soon.

  9. No long-form videos
  10. Indeed, short-form videos have been the crux of various social media platforms for a long. The chances are that the short-form videos are going to be popular in 2023 as well. A whopping 96% of marketers will agree that the length of the videos need not go beyond 10 minutes. Although that does not mean that long-form videos will go out of place but it is simply to suggest that its counterpart is going to be one of the social media trends to stay.

Marketing is an evolving trend and as you inch a step closer to 2023, discard the outgoing trends and embrace the ones that will take you to a better platform. Come to Business Trendz and discover a world of informative ideas about social media marketing trends.


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