An Easy Guide To Repurposing Content

Repurposing Content

Let’s be honest – repurposing content i.e., finding new ideas to recycle our existing content is what keeps us, the content writers in the business. It is undoubtedly a hectic job to create new content for new platforms every single time. Repurposing is an amazing way of making the most of our efforts to reach a new audience and dust off the old content. It is a common misconception that repurposing is rewriting the content over and over again. But rewriting is squeezing the same slice of lemon. Repurposing on the other hand is using lemons to make lemonades and cocktails. 

The poignant question that arises now, is can we repurpose all content? The plain and simple answer is NO. The content must have certain qualities which qualify it for repurposing. So, let’s focus on the qualities of content, which we can repurpose. 

Which Content Deserves a New Life?

Remember when Sabrina resurrected her dead boyfriend Nick in Jughead’s body? Repurposing is the resurrection of content in a different style. But the content you want to repurpose must be the following:

  • Evergreen

Content that never loses its charm and always stays pertinent can be repurposed. Repurposing content due to sentimental value is a failed idea.

  • Popular

Use the Analytics tool to find out your most popular posts of the previous year. Now, dig in to find out how to influence the repurposing of them.

  • Updated

Remove the ancient features that you added to mostly evergreen and relevant content. Give them a stylish makeover and bring them back to serve your audience. 

 Now, it is time to resurrect your content. But how and in which body is the question? So, listed below are a few repurposing ideas.

3 Genius Ways to Repurpose Content

  • Trendy Twitter Post

It’s time to bang on Twitter. Imagine having a solid stat post. Share cool facts about your industry and turn on individual tweetable elements. You can also add more twitter-friendly images or use compelling stats as tweets. Your stats are bound to create more leverage. 

  • Create Pinterest Board

Pinterest is a colorful world. Use the images of your weighty image blogs to create an amazing Pinterest board. Upload the best brand logos that are dominating the industry. Create a board dedicated to them. Those pins generate traffic and drive referral traffic to your blog post. This is a fundamental way to entice your audience.  

  • Quora Q&A

If you want to lure your audience, Quora is your ally. Often, it is referred to as an interesting source of inspiring content. It provides the users' answers on a huge range of categories. Find pertinent questions where you can slide your blog as an answer. Of course, you cannot write an in-depth blog there, so you can add an external link. Imagine getting several upvotes on the platform to establish yourself as an engaging leader among the community members? 

Definitely, there are other promising ways of repurposing your content. From creating video tutorials to post casts, to infographics, expert advice e-books and newsletters. There are ample ways to repurpose content. The three that are mentioned above are fun to repurpose. As content writers, we must ensure the fun of creating content for different platforms should and must never be sucked out. So, be smart and come up with unique ways of repurposing your content. 



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