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5 Things No One Tells You About Running a Startup

5 Things No One Tells You About Running a Startup

Starting the journey of being an entrepreneur is all about dreams of achieving the Everest and finding courage in every little thing possible. There is a brand new world waiting for you to win over. You must not stop. Well, yes, it all sounds nice and dandy. Probably, years later, when you will be a successful entrepreneur, running a chain of companies globally and giving a lecture at Ted talks, you will be able to talk about the dreamy side of this journey. But now, when you are struggling to make an impact in the already buzzing market, it might feel overwhelming every now and then. And you might just realize that no one has ever talked about this dark side of the road.

So, here, in the following points, we are going to tell you about the things that no one ever will tell you about running a startup. Take a look and rest assured, you are not the only one.

It is a Roller Coaster Ride

The road won’t be smooth. There will be challenges. And there will be rewards too. So, when you are running a startup, there will be days when you will be on the top of the world. Taking on projects and winning over clients will feel like the best experience of your life. And there will be days when you will feel down like anything. On such days, nothing will go right. What you will need to keep in mind is that your life as an entrepreneur for a startup is going to be a roller coaster ride. There will be ups and downs and you will have to deal with both sides of the coin.

Learn from Peers

If you actually start paying attention to the market, you will find out that there are so many things that no one can tell you about. These are the things that you will need to learn from your peers. When an entrepreneur is coming into this world, he or she won’t have much practical idea. But the more you are interacting with your clients, associates and other entrepreneurs, you will learn new things. You will get a glimpse into the cheat sheet of their success that will give you some amazing lesson for life.


Building a helpful network around is very important when you are running a startup. It is like when you are spreading your wings, the network will be the wind beneath it. Building the right contacts will help you rise, grab opportunities, learn new things and achieve new goals. So, make sure you are building a helpful network for yourself.

Persistence is the Key

Being an entrepreneur and running a startup will come with one thing for sure, failures. But don’t become discouraged because of that. No, you need to try again. Learn from your failures, use your lessons, analyze them well so that you know where you have committed a mistake. Most importantly, don’t lose patience. Remember, being tenacious and persistent will help you achieve what you have desired all along.

You are Not Alone

This is the biggest fact you need to concentrate on. It might feel very dark and lonely when you are struggling. But trust us, you are not alone. This part of the journey is more or less the same for everyone. Actually, the struggle helps you build the foundation on the solid ground as you realize and learn a lot. Join communities, attend events, talk to other entrepreneurs and share. It will help you grow more.

So, now as you know about these untold facts of running a startup, hopefully, you won’t feel discouraged anymore. For more inspiring content, stay tuned.

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