4 Apps You Must Use for Money and Investment Management

Money and Investment Management

Saving is a great virtue and we all know
that quite well. But when it comes to saving your money and monitoring your
expenses and investments, it becomes quite a challenging task. And ultimately,
no matter how hard you try, you lose track of where and why you are spending
and how much amount you are saving finally. So, when you are dealing with such
a daunting task all by yourself, we are here to help you.

We are living in the age of technology. All
our moves are maintained, monitored and managed by it too. So, when you are
struggling with your finances and managing your expenses and investments, have
you considered using different apps? Well, there are thousands of money and
investment management apps available at Google Play Store and Apple App Store
that you can use for these purposes. We are going to mention a few here. Take a
look at the following points to know more.

ET Money

This is a great app and is backed by the
Times Internet. It helps you track your expenses while managing your
investments. You can also get different financial products like gold deposits,
mutual funds, and different insurance. You can also get unsecured personal loan
up to 20 lakh INR. Not just that; if you have invested in something else externally,
the app will help you to track that too. You can also opt for motor, insurance,
and health with the help of the app. The bonus point is that you can invest in
Nippon India Liquid Fund with the help of “SmartDeposite” feature in the app
which is a unique quality.


Walnut is one of the pioneers in the sphere
of money and investment-management apps. Since its inception, it hasn’t made many
changes in the interface. Without adding many financial products, it has
remained true to its essence. This app helps you track your expenses by
monitoring your SMSs. You can also get the information on balance as well as a
summary of your monthly expense pattern. It also reminds you of bill payment at
the right time. With Walnut, you can also go for BHIM UPI money transfer. And
if you opt for Walnut Prime without any extra cost, you will get unsecured loan
up to 5 lakhs INR.


This is a basic money management app that
helps you to manage the cash flow as well as the expenses of your whole family
with just one interface. The app is basic. The drawback is that unlike other
money and investment management apps, this one doesn’t track your expenses by
going through your messages. You have to manually enter the details and set the
reminders for bill payment. The feature of Family Sync will help you share the
financial information through multiple devices and work on a single budget.


If you are trying to manage the pocket
money and expenses of your kids, then this is the best option for you. This app
helps you track the expenses of 10-18 years old children and teach them money
investment in a much effective way. It issues Visa Powered prepaid Slonkit Card
in child names which you can recharge instantly with credit or debit card. You
can set budget and alerts while tracking expenses too. This card also lets you
freeze the account to monitor and manage expenses.

So, now as you know about these apps that can
help you manage your money and expenses, what are you waiting for? Install
today and deal with the expenses and investments now.

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  1. After reading your article, it reminded me of some things about gate io that I studied before. The content is similar to yours, but your thinking is very special, which gave me a different idea. Thank you. But I still have some questions I want to ask you, I will always pay attention. Thanks.

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