How Industry Leaders Can Fight COVID 19 without Losing Spirit

Leaders Can Fight COVID 19

This is a trying time for the whole world. Every country, every person is under the threat of being affected by COVID 19 or Coronavirus 2019 which has already claimed thousands of lives all over the world. When most of the countries are under lockdown for many days, the danger of a huge financial debacle and unprecedented recession is looming over everyone.

In a situation like this, if you are running an organization, it becomes your added responsibility towards the community of employees that you have built to offer support as well as making sure of their safety. After all, you hold the position of an industry leader and being there doesn’t mean you can just lock your doors and stay at home without the worry of the world. So, how can you fight the crisis that COVID 19 has brought upon? Take a look at the following points to know more.

Basic Work from Home Facility and Pay Adjustments
This has to be your first step to ensure that your employees are safe. These are the people who work for you for the rest of the year, through thick and thin. They are the workforce upon which the future of your venture depends. So, it is essential to make sure that they are getting the facility of working from home. Don’t force anyone to come to the office. Change the operational mode of your work so that the workflow remains unhindered. Let the necessary software be available for personal devices. If possible, let your employees take mobile devices to their home. Prepare your server and network for dealing with a situation like this. If the operational mode cannot be changed, and if employees also cannot come to the workplace due to complete lockdown, refrain from pay cut or layoff. Try to find out every possible solution to keep these two options at bay. Remember that their families are dependent on you too.

Stay Communicative
It is important for you to keep the doors open for communication. Your employees will have questions for you. Whether you are changing the mode of operation or stopping the operation completely, it is necessary for you to offer them complete clarity as their future depends on you. Stay open for the talks and the questions instead of just sending emails and making decisions from the position of the authority. If your employee is in isolation for being detected with COVID 19, stay in touch and ensure you are helping them. If the disease has already claimed life within your organization, it is your responsibility to help keep the morale of the rest of the team. After all, you are their leader.

Spread Awareness
It is important that you spread awareness amongst the people you care about. And that includes not just your family or the employees but the whole community. Use the mediums you have for this. Use social media platforms that will help you convey the message far. Don’t just pitch what you are doing. Take responsibility for the authenticity of the information that you are spreading. You have to understand that being an industry expert means you have social responsibilities too.

Deal with the Anxiety
The job of being the leader comes with a certain amount of anxiety too. It is obvious that you will feel that you are losing control. You will be worried about the financial loss that is imminent. You will be worried to think of how the operation of the company will remain smooth. At the same time, resource loss is another concern. Make sure you are staying calm in this anxiety and having faith.

This is a trying time for the whole world and you are in a position of influence. Choose your role wisely as when the storm is over, people will look up to you as an example.


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