How to Craft a Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy

Do you remember a business that fulfilled all your needs and wants right when you were looking for it? Chances are that the business used customer-centric marketing strategies to help you find the right product at the right time and add value at every step of your journey. You can do the same for your startup and ensure that you create loyal customers who turn their inner circle into your customers as well. Use the following tips to create a customer-centric marketing strategy.

1. Educate your customers

As the name suggests, customers are at the center of your customer-centric strategy. That’s why you should strive to provide them with the best value even if they aren’t buying your product. For instance, many digital marketing companies and SEO websites have several guides and articles that add to the knowledge bank of customers and help them to make better decisions.

For instance, Semrush sells digital marketing tools to several brands for competitor research, SEO optimization, and other such services. However, they also offer free online courses via Semrush Academy that teach their customers how to effectively use their tools for the best results. They offer these courses whether you subscribe to their services or not. 

2. Learn about your customers

Understanding your customers’ needs is key to delivering exceptional service. Post-sale, seek feedback and suggestions from customers and showcase your commitment to improvement. Organize contests to identify loyal customers and conduct one-on-one interviews to discover why they consistently choose your products or brand.

Don’t actively seek out positive feedback either. Reach out to customers who don’t use your products anymore and ask them what could make them stay. While you’re at it, deploy advanced analytics tools that help you identify customer behavior and design your marketing strategy to fit their preferences. 

3. Don’t irritate customers

Are you tired of unnecessary marketing calls, emails, and texts that keep annoying you consistently throughout the day? Moreover, the smartphone age has allowed brands to push notifications to your screen at all times and spam your phone throughout the day. Some brands are even shameless enough to use robocall spoof tactics that call you with a fake number resembling yours in the hope that you pick it up.

All of these tactics are focused on short-term gains and destroy customer trust. These leave negative impressions on the customer and erode your brand value. Instead, keep your eyes on the big picture. Focus on long-term metrics to develop a better understanding of your customer. Use data to measure how people recall your brand and use AI to mine for qualitative data that give you insights about customer satisfaction.  

4. Don’t go all out with customer-centric approach

A customer-centric marketing strategy isn’t the only thing you should focus on. Instead, you should be flexible enough with a comprehensive approach that helps you keep up with the changing needs of the market.

Embracing a customer-centric approach is intrinsic to an effective marketing strategy. Shifting your attention towards building a new funnel driven by high-quality leads to address your target customers’ requirements might appear challenging, but the rewards are equally satisfying. Meeting your customer’s needs can also yield gratifying results.


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