Sales Vs. Marketing: Here Are The Differences To Sort

Marketing and sales share a common goal to boost the company’s revenue. But both of them focus on different ends. While sales refer to transactions with customers, marketing is assessing the needs and wants of customers and creating strategies to retain them. While marketing refers to an umbrella of activities, sales are exchanging products and services for money. Therefore, sales and marketing are two different business functions resulting in lead generation and revenue.

If you want to know the differences between sales and marketing, focusing on the core elements is essential. So, here is what you need to know in detail.

Marketing and sales processes

Both marketing and sales plans need to include company details and history. Apart from this, both must have details regarding the goals and initiatives of a business. But the differences are there as well. The marketing plan talks about a product or a service, the prices of both, and where and whom it is to be sold. That is how you get the 4Ps of marketing like price, product, promotion, and place. The marketing team of a business determines the goals, chooses the channels, creates a budget for the campaign, and chases the plans.

The sales process, on the other hand, includes the target group, the structure of the team, and the goals to meet. It must also outline the tools, resources, and plans to be used to hit the target market.

Sales and marketing strategies

The strategies of marketing teams include print marketing, blog marketing, video marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization. The sales strategies may vary according to the industry, market, target customers, and products. Some of those strategies are solution selling, conceptual selling, SNAP selling, customer-centric selling, and inbound selling. These strategies help customers resolve their problems and satisfy their needs and the sales teams use them to complete selling to customers.

Goals of marketing and sales

Both marketing and sales aim to generate revenue for a business but in different ways. The goal of marketing is to promote the business as a whole and assessing the product or service can fulfill the customers’ needs. Usually, marketing goals are long and expansive. For sales, the goals are relatively shorter and measured each month and determine how the teams, departments, and salespeople need to sell to reach the defined target.


Marketing is a customer-oriented process wherein all the promotional activities target the customers. On the other hand, the orientation of sales is towards the products and services and finding ways to step up the sales.


The approach of the sales team is selling everything that is produced whereas marketing uses a consolidated approach wherein businesses need to ascertain customer requirements and creates strategies to fulfill their need.


In the case of marketing strategies, each aims to reach millions of customers to satisfy their needs but the relationship in sales is one-to-one as a salesperson completes selling to one person at a time.

Despite the differences between sales and marketing and the contradictions that exist, both are closely linked to each other. Both play a significant role and allow businesses to thrive in the long run.


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