Social Media Marketing Keywords That You Can’t Miss

Social Media Marketing Keywords

Imagine all the perfect combinations– bread and butter, mac and cheese, holidays and winter. As they seem incomplete without each other, similarly, successful Social Media Marketing is incomplete without Keywords. Keywords bind the content that brings your brand into the limelight of social media. It is important to have an effective presence in the communication channel which is used by everyone.

If you are a social or digital media marketer let’s discuss the important Social Media Marketing keywords that you just can’t miss. The list of keywords I present here will help you enhance your content and help your traffic sky-rocket.

For a beginner, it Is difficult to choose the right keyword. So, if you are a beginner these keywords are a treasure trove. These keywords will help you in creating a buzz all over social media by giving you a basic understanding of the platforms, analytics and more.

9 Social Media Marketing Keywords for Beginners

1. Social Media

The easiest definition of social media is the websites and the applications that help the users to connect to your brand and multiple people on social media. It eases you to share content that increases your brand awareness.

2. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing means using social media to bring your products and services into the limelight before millions of people accessing that particular social platform. You can draw attention through content that includes posts, blogs, videos and infographics. Also, paid marketing options are available through paid ads – LinkedIn ads, Twitter and Facebook ads.

3. Social Media Marketing Strategy 

To achieve your goals, you need to strategize your business plan to dominate on social media. The goals can be increasing brand awareness, lead generation, conversations and obviously organic customer engagement.

4. Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are where the customers connect with each other and with the brand. Currently, the most commonly used platforms include Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook and Reddit.

5. Content

Content ranges from posts, images, articles, videos and many more that strengthen your position on social media platforms. Infographics, Memes, Blogs and Vlogs are now a popular way to reach your audience.

6. Organic Reach

Reaching your audience without paid advertising or marketing is organic reach. If you can create good organic reach, your cost of social media marketing reduces.

7. Post

Daily rundown of short but pertinent messages on social media are called posts. Posts increase organic reach. You must ensure your posts are relatable. It can be text messages, audio, video, images or infographics. Make sure your posts are creative and smart.

8. Tweet

Twitter posts are tweets. Twitter is an amazing platform where you can create short messages of 280 characters. Adding external links is a massive thumbs up for search engine optimization (SEO). You can use Twitter to share blog or article links, website links, images or videos.

9. Hashtags

Using phrases or keywords after a hash (#) to connect or share message is called hashtags. They are a pretty interesting way to connect to your audience. All major social media platforms use hashtags. A fun thing about hashtags is if your post uses a hashtag, each time someone searches using that hashtag, your post will appear.What an interesting way to get your audience’s attention!

Definitely, there are several other keywords that you can add to enhance y

our social media marketing. However, these basic keywords are commonly used. They are simple yet very powerful keywords that you can incorporate into your content as a beginner to create a fizz for the audience.


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