Effective Strategies for Handling Stress When Building a Startup

Stress can be a lifesaver when you are in a pinch. While building your startup, stress can help you nail that final presentation and deliver a killing performance at the investor meet. It unlocks your fight or flight response and works marvelously when you choose to fight. However, if you are always stressed while building a startup, it can have grave consequences on your overall health and become an obstacle when running a business. Here are a few helpful ways to crack down on entrepreneur stress.

Delegate when possible

Your startup is like your baby. Entrepreneurs often put everything on the line for the success of their startup and become control freaks who monitor every aspect of the business. However, you’re only human, and handling too many tasks may stress you out. That’s why it’s important to delegate responsibilities to other people whenever possible.

Instead of zooming in on small events, keep your eyes on the big picture. As an entrepreneur, you have already vetted talented people and poached them for your company. Now, it’s time to trust them and unburden yourself. Offer them the growth opportunity for creative solutions while you heal your mind.

Stop eating at the desk

A lot of founders fall into the trap of eating at the desk. They think that they can’t afford to stay even half an hour away from their workstation. It’s even worse when this becomes the company culture. The world won’t end if you take the time to enjoy your meal while talking to your colleagues. 

When you eat at the desk, you munch down on everything without even looking at your food and the added stress leads to poor digestion. Your employees may also feel like they need to always focus on work without a moment to take a breather and develop stress in such a negative environment. That’s why you must make it mandatory to stay away from the workstation during lunchtime so that everyone can enjoy their meal and get charged up for more productivity.

Have a plan

When you plan out things and keep things organized, managing stress becomes easier. Create a calendar with all the daily responsibilities and tasks that need to be done. This gives you a way to track your progress and provides you with a measurable destination for your end goal. Keeping your desk clean and organized also helps you to remain calm and focus on important things.

Don’t sleep at the workplace

Running a business, and growing your startup isn’t easy. It’s a challenging task that takes, vision, effort, and deviation. Sometimes, work might force you and your team to stay at the office late into the night and even sleep on the floor. However, such measures should only be reserved for exceptional circumstances and must not become the norm. Otherwise, it won’t just build stress, but create a toxic work environment.

Some activities are part of your daily routine and stress management should be included in that as well. Make sure to take breaks when necessary and focus on your mental well-being outside of business hours. Treat stress as a healthy supplement that can help you achieve more in very short doses. Manage it well and you will be closer to success.


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