Set up A Home Studio to Start Making Videos for Your Business

People want videos more than textbooks. This gives you a golden opportunity to promote your brand by making videos. You can choose to make them in a low-cost solution. Shoot your videos at home using minimal setup and equipment, and you might as well make a difference.

You need to think of a home studio to make a setup in your home. Making one these days is cheap and effective. Even if it is expensive, you can opt for various borrowing options like business loans or even personal money loans in Ireland.

So, without further ado, let us get started with it.

How to Set Up a Home Studio for Video Production?

In order to make the most of the video production, we need to set up the right spot. This spot can be your studio that will be the hub for making quality videos. In time, these videos will do well for your business.

If you want to make these videos work, you just need to be dedicated to how you work with them. You don’t need to get stressed with a typical setup. You don’t really have to be concerned about technical matters. If you want to make a difference in producing these videos, then you may need to try working with an organised setup.

The good news is that you can do this setup in a frugal way. You don’t need a lot of financial back-ups. If you stay careful with the equipment you choose and stick to the minimal side of making videos (just to present the information), then you might get to start making your videos very soon after finishing this post.

Let’s learn about it in a detailed way:

Think about the Gear

Well, making a video is for presenting the information. Not offending films, you can make a film on your products or your business. But, the majority of viewers are not looking for it. All they want is a video that supplies the information in simple and exciting ways. This is sometimes a little difficult to read as some products or businesses offer better presentations in audio-visual format.

Therefore, making a plain video makes sense. You can simply use your Smartphone to shoot videos if you do not have a camera. Keep in mind that a normal phone can easily shoot a video. You may add effects later with the help of a video editing app. Keep the frame rates to 24 fps (frames per second) and the white balance; aperture (Smartphones call it sundial or other terms for phones) and focus on the subject fixed to make the videos more cinematic.

However, this is true that a camera can always give you an upper hand on a phone because of its large sensor size. If you have pressing requirements to make premium-quality videos for your brand, then it is better to visit the store to buy a camera. If you do not have enough balance, then you can go for money loans for bad credit in Ireland. These loans are easy to get and easy to repay.

Lighting Options

You may need to get bright lighting. However, that does not mean that you have to spend money on it.

A good idea to bring proper lighting to the set is to use a good and strong light in the front. This means the light will fall directly on the area, which presents the view on the screen. You can sit opposite the windows in the daytime so that the light falls on you.

Suppose you live in a noisy area that cannot record in the daytime, buy cheap ring lights and set two of them at an angle so that the light directly falls on you and the set. You can also place them near the window areas to mimic the daylight effect.

You don’t need to spend much money on ring lights as most of them are cheap. You can compare and get cheaper deals.

The Sound Setup

Setting up the sound instruments and setup is a little interesting. You have to understand that you do not need premium-quality sound. Nevertheless, you will need a sound that is interruption free and is not noisy.

Looking at the first condition we mentioned earlier, living in a noisy area will make video production a little problematic. However, you can solve the problem easily. Start recording your videos in the early morning or at night in order to minimise noise. You can also try sitting at the weekends.

To minimise noise and echoes, you can choose well-carpeted walls and floors. This acts as a cushion to reflect sound less directly. It helps to record the audio in a softer way. This helps significantly to get better quality audio than usual.

Use a shotgun mic. This is a directional device. It means you can record sound in the direction you point to the microphone. It is often used in movies or filmmaking. To record better sound, you can mount the microphone just a meter or half a metre away from yourself. If you use a clip-on microphone, attach it correctly to the shirt or clothing. Make sure it is not covered.

To Conclude

This post must end with a bonus clip.

To deliver character and artistic qualities to the video, you can keep plants, books, pens, and other items such as LED lamps, a desk prop such as a toy or an action figure, and, of course, your laptop and phone. All of these things make your setup look clean and gorgeous.

Keep in mind that the lighting must be made soft and soothing. People always like a video that makes them relaxed and entertained. You can also play with colour grading to define the best color choice for your videos.

Whatever you do, you need to make your videos comfortable for the eyes. So, pay attention to that and start producing videos in your very own studio.


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