Content Marketing on Steroids: AI Tools to Explode Your Reach

AI tools for content marketing

AI is here to stay and there’s no need to panic. It isn’t here to take your jobs just yet. In fact, without human intervention, AI-generated content would look terrible and wouldn’t achieve the intent it was used for. However, since ChatGPT, the market has been flooded with AI tools. Which one’s right for you? Let’s have a look.

AI-powered tools for content marketing:

1. ChatGPT

To the uninitiated, AI content creation tool is synonymous with ChatGPT. While generative AI existed for several years before ChatGPT, it was the first one to wow the entire world with natural human-like conversations and the ability to hold the conversation for a long time. While it can’t generate original ideas for now (Soon enough HUMAN!!)…..

Well, that wasn’t prompted for. Either way, it isn’t capable of original ideas, but an excellent game-changing tool for creating:

  • Blog outlines
  • Social media post ideation
  • Brainstorming

Generating full drafts with this tool risks informational inaccuracy and an opinionated tone that may not align with your brand voice. If you are using it as an AI tool for content writing entire articles or posts, make sure to put it through the editing hellfire it deserves.

2. Midjourney or StableDiffusion

Both MidJourney and Stable Diffusion are image-generation AI. Both can qualify for the list of best generative AI tools for content creation. All you need to do is use a prompt to generate the results you want.

However, you need to be detailed to generate the image you want instead of typing- ‘dog on the surface of the moon.

Instead, the prompt may look something like this- ‘A dog on the surface of the moon, with earth in the background, in a hyper-realistic photographic style. –ar 113:103’

Notice how the second prompt adds details like:

  • Photographic style
  • Aspect ratio
  • Position of an object compared to the rest of the image, and more.

Being more detailed allows you to extract all the benefits from these AI content creation tools. For prompt inspirations and ideas, head over to PromptHero and check out creations from millions of users and the prompts that were used to achieve those results. 

3. MarketMuse

You’ve used ChatGPT, Midjourney, and all the best AI tools for content creation to draft amazing content and post it on your website. However, how do you research the content?

How do you figure out what’s missing to improve its performance?

How do you prioritize among the available optimization strategies?

That’s where MarketMuse comes in. It leverages AI and machine learning to create entire content plans within minutes. It isn’t something shallow either. Marketers get all kinds of insights with these plans, from SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) to site-level insights. There’s no need to spend days scouring the internet to plan out topic clusters that are unique to your business and industry. MarketMuse can perform the deep analysis in minutes while assigning a score to every topic along with their keyword difficulty.

4. Podcastle

Podcasts are all the rage on social media. If you’re a brand trying to grow on social media, short podcast clips can help you go viral or grow an audience for your niche. However, podcasts require a lot of audio wizardry. Editing too many audio inputs, matching their volume, and getting rid of noise is a lot of work. Well, Podcastle has your back and does all the heavy editing to help you elevate your AI social media content creation.     

AI hasn’t replaced marketers, writers, or content creators. It has simply empowered them to churn out more content efficiently. Review and edit that content manually, and nothing can stop you from reaching your content marketing goals. 


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