5 Effective Ways to Attract Holiday Traffic to Your Blog

The holiday season brings with it a flurry of changes, including how people are likely to read blogs. Often, sites receive a sharp drop in traffic over the holidays. You are lucky enough if you notice a boost in this season. Think about it the other way around gather motivation to attract traffic to your blog. Everyone thinks about get-togethers, good times, and gifts during this season. It is undoubtedly one of the busiest times of the year on the internet. So, there are ways to drive traffic during the holiday season as well. Here is what you need to do.

1. Hold the important posts

The traffic and readership may go on a roller coaster ride from the end of November to the beginning of January. So, you must postpone the strategic posts until the traffic comes down to normal. Usually, people have several other things in mind at this time and won’t feel attracted to read your blogs. Overall, the mindset of your readers may change during the holiday season. So, stay away from posts that may impact your overall strategy. Tap into the holiday thoughts and focus on relevant posts during the holiday season.

2. Improve the website

The next step to boosting holiday traffic is improving the website. So, work on maintaining your site even if it sounds tedious. Search engines want to deliver the best experience to visitors. So, if you want to give the ranking a boost and need to be found easily, tweak the looks and functionality of your site. Adding holiday-centric content, creating a mobile-friendly site, and improving the loading speed are a few things to work on to attract an audience to your blog over the holiday season.

3. Mention next year in the title

The holiday season is not just about holidays but it also marks the end of the current year. So, try to mention the next year in the blog titles to attract forward-thinking readers. Including years in titles has been one of the best blogging practices to rely on this year. What’s more, it boosts the SERP for people who mention the year in their search.

4. Use shorter posts

Even though a major chunk of your posts may perform well but the holiday season is not the time for lengthy posts. During this time, readers focus on action-oriented posts that finish quickly instead of posts that may take time to finish. Create short and sweet posts that will force your readers to return to the next short posts and include a holiday theme to drive a steady stream of traffic. Get back to the former post to add an internal link after publishing the next post. Keep in mind that the audience is more likely to read posts from mobile devices this season, so make your posts more readable with short paragraphs and bullet points.

5. Gift guides are useful

One of the most popular posts to attract more audience to your blog is gift guides. At this time, readers will search for ideas for buying gifts for co-workers, family, and friends, making your gift guide more valuable. Besides, attracting traffic to your blog, gift guides add to your revenue as well. Want to create an attractive in-demand blog post to attract the audience? If you are planning to go with the rhythms of this season, follow these tips to capture more traffic this holiday season.


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