How to get into Media Science College in West Bengal? – A Comprehensive Guide

Do you want to know about the best media science college in West Bengal? But don’t know where to look? Don’t worry! We are happy to help. We understand how important it is for students to have a clear knowledge of the courses they are going to take. Because this will decide their future. Generally, students who are interested in media science are creative and with a degree of media science, you will get a variety of job options, you can be a film maker, photographer, journalist and advertiser. Now let me ask you a question. Do you like meeting new people? Or do you enjoy getting to the bottom of things? If yes, then journalism and mass communication is a good career option for you. You will get to meet tons of new people every day. Being a very fast-paced job, you will have to do many things simultaneously. So, in short journalism will never bore you.

What is media science, and why should you choose it?

If you do not want to study, like most of your peers, who are studying either science or arts subjects, then you can choose one of the media science subjects for your future career. To be honest, people who want to be in the creative field cannot perform well if they take a bachelor course in science or arts stream. Media science includes different subjects like marketing, management, advertising, and mass communication. If you are someone who wants to think differently and have a creative persona, then a bachelor in media science is an ideal degree for you. Working in media industry will never bore you because it demands a lot of imagination and originality in your work. In the same way you cannot survive if you are not creative and imaginative enough. So choose your bachelor degree wisely.

Is media science not for everyone?

In this era, everyone knows that the media is the future. Media does not only mean entertainment. You can pursue different types of career options by having a bachelor’s degree in media science. It is an extensive field of study. For example, if you like to work off-camera then you can be a film editor or screenplay writer. There is a huge demand of editor and screenplay writer in the industry because scripts are very important. Professional editors manage a lot of works like researching, stylistic editing, rewriting and fact checking. If you are intrigued by presenting a story or a message in just 30 seconds you can also try for advertising industry.

But if you are more of an extroverted person, who has good communication skills and like to be in contact with others on a daily basis then you can choose journalism. As a journalist you have to present everyday news to the audience and engage them in your way of speaking. Some of the government sector and NGOs also require candidates who has a degree in journalism or mass communication. If you like connecting with people directly, you can also be a public relations officer or a field journalist.


In India, the advertisement industry is expanding. It is growing by 30% every year. In the upcoming year, we will only see it grow. If you have the required skills, for example you understand the audience. You need to tell an engaging story so you must know use appropriate words, if you have these certain qualities, you will never be disappointed. Unlike others, even freshmen in this field can flourish if they have originality in their work. The advertisement industry includes illustrators, creative directors, Facebook ad experts, account planning managers, and many more.


Bollywood is the largest film industry in India and second largest in the world, after Hollywood.  Everyone would agree that movies are never going to see a decline in the market. As studies has already showed, movies help us to reduce stress. People enjoy the time when they watch movies. So, it will always be a favorite pass time to them. The point of saying of all these things are that now film industry does not mean only Bollywood. Regional film industry is also thriving in India. There are indie cinemas as well. Indie cinemas are produced independently. They are made without contribution of a major film studio. So, a skilled video editor, art director and camera operator will always be on demand.

Journalism and Mass communication:

A large proportion of Indian students aspire to work for the government sector. So, if you have a bachelor in journalism and mass communication you will get the chance to work in government organizations, like government public houses. They have a need of journalists, researchers and photographers. We all know news has a profound impact on its citizens. So government always tries to connect directly with their citizens. Because a country only grows when media provides accurate information to its audience. You can also work for non-profit and private organizations. People always want to stay updated about their surroundings. So, news and media will eventually play an important role in people’s lives.


SBIHMIT, the best college in Kolkata, offers best courses in media science. They provide guidance to their students not only in academics but also in life. They are trying to build a better future for the youth. So that their students can improve their academic performance and reach their full potential. Their high standard of training will help students succeed in career as well as in life. They also offer a bachelor degree in travel and tourism, hotel and hospitality management, business administration and computer science. Not only in terms of media science but SBIHMIT is among the best hotel management colleges in Kolkata.


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