3 Innovative Ideas to Boost Your Social Media Campaign with Printed Tools

Innovative Ideas to Boost Your Social Media Campaign

The holiday season is knocking at the door. Now is the time when everyone is in a cheerful mood and planning to splurge on things that will make their celebration even more joyous. So, it is the best time for boosting your business too. After all, this is the time when you can get the maximum footfalls at your stores and maximum chances of getting more revenues for your business.

So, when you are planning to boost your promotions from different avenues, you have certainly thought of channels like social media, printed tools, local radio and so on. But have you thought of actually integrating social media and printed promotional tools? If you are wondering why you should do that, you need to take a look at the following points first.

Reasons Why You Need to Integrate Social Media and Printed Tools

  • When you are integrating your printed tools with social media, it is going to generate more response and engagement than a low social media exclusive response rate.
  • Separately, social media, as well as print media, boasts on high response individually. So, it is certainly a good decision to fuse them together to make it work in favor of your brand.
  • Integrating both will offer you an edge on the competition with your peers as you are focusing on these two very effective avenues together.

So, now as you know how integrating social media with printed marketing tools can help you, let’s find out the ways you can use them for your business and promotions. Take a look at the following ideas to get inspired.

Launching Highly Targeted Marketing

Targeting your niche audience will be the best option when you are planning to use social media and printed tools together. Think about it, urging people to take part in a social media contest with the coupon or the codes you are delivering at their doorstep with booklets or brochures can be a great idea for marketing your brand while ensuring you are getting more engagement on your social media pages. So, create a database of your target local audience, plan Direct Door Mail marketing with booklets and brochures that will contain coupon codes. Run a social media contest where entering that particular coupon code can actually help the audience win some offers from your brand.

Printing to Encourage Social Buys

Yes, you are running ads already on your social media pages to encourage your potential buyers to purchase the products from the page itself. But when you are trying to engage your local customers more, you can start a postcard campaign for promoting the social media app and how to purchase from there. In fact, you can run an ad campaign at a discount too.

Instant Discount

Offering instant discount with the help of social media and printed tools will be the best option when you are trying to market your brand successfully. For example, if you own an eatery, you can get table tents printed with a message to follow the Facebook page or uploading a picture of the meal tagging your restaurant and that can help them get a 10% discount on the bill. So, as you can see, this way, the printed tool as well as the social media platform, both will be successfully used.

So, now as you know about the ways social media and printed marketing tools integration can help in promotion, what are you waiting for? Chalk out your strategies and keep these points in mind while doing so.


Are you planning to boost your marketing in the most innovative way? Integrating social media with printed promotional tools can help you out immensely.


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